human trafficking AND HUMAN SLAVERY

Human trafficking/slavery is becoming a growing problem in Canada as well as in other countries in the world.  The CACS states that “Human trafficking is described as modern-day slavery.  Human trafficking involves the recruitment, transportation, and/or harbouring of persons for the purpose of exploitation, typically for sexual exploitation or forced labour.  Traffickers maintain control over their victims through the use of force, fraud, deception and/or threats of violence to the victim or someone known to them.”  Read more here. 

Human trafficking/slavery has been an issue in Peel in recent years. It is on our doorstep.


In the UK, the Crime Stoppers Programs have initiated the Blue Blindfold Campaign to raise awareness and call for action.

  • “It wasn’t all right then and it’s not all right now. Modern slavery traps more people today than in the entire 400 years of the transatlantic slave trade.”

  • “It’s the third largest source of income for organized crime. It’s growing even faster than illegal arms and drugs and could be on your doorstep.”

  • “No money. No passport. No home. Your family could be threatened with harm or even death if you attempt to leave.”

Read more about the Blue Blindfold Centre.

Check here for more resources.

Link to Canadian Crime Stoppers
Link to Crime Stoppers International:  CSI Human Trafficking.
Link to the CNN Freedom Project.
Links to the RCMP.

Link to Interpol.

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